Have you ever considered how a person could learn to walk on a thin ribbon, a few meters above the ground? Like many sports disciplines, it starts from the basics, testing one's balance and resistance.

Slacklining is a balance exercise in motion.

What does it mean? The name of this activity comes from slackline, which is a resilient rope stretched between two points to walk on. Great slacklining champions thrill just by watching them... performing breathtaking feats and crossing valleys, buildings, peaks or crevices. They too started by walking on ropes and beams just a few tens of centimeters from the ground, and then they became true tightrope walkers.

When trying a slackline session, the most fun and satisfying thing is to see how, with some correct advice and a little patience, our sense of balance improves.
Slacklining can become one of the experiences of a multisport vacation, a stop on a corporate team-building event, or a fun afternoon for adults and children.
Thanks to our collaborators, we can offer you initiation or advanced workshops in various disciplines such as tricklining, highlining, longlining, waterlining, and rodeoling, and we can also organize entertainment shows.

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Slackline, Slackline a Finale Ligure
8.0 Superb

Slackline a Finale Ligure

€ 30.00 / Per person

Impara insieme a noi la concentrazione e l'equilibrio essenziali per provare la Slackline